Zen and the Art of Software Development

Posted on March 4th 2014.


Starting a company is a pretty tough thing to do. But sometimes the processes that you can use to keep a company running smoothly might not be as complex as you’d think. As an example of this, I would like to present the work of our friend Frank and his family. We met Frank and his wife Karoline a year ago because they generously offered to help us out with Portland Made, a project you can learn more about here. Frank is the developer behind PauPress, a dynamic new Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) for WordPress. At PMC, we use PauPress to serve and communicate with our entire membership community, and the powerful system behind the program keeps our information databases neatly organized and easy to access. If Internet systems and user management is something that gets you excited, check it out here. It’s some seriously cool stuff.
In addition to developing ground-breaking new technology to help make the world a better place to communicate in, Frank and his family also run a small company from their home called The Yoga Poster. As avid practitioners of yoga, Frank and his wife Karoline have designed and now produce beautiful prints that uniquely captures all of the major aspects of it. They sell these posters and other products in their online store, which you can visit here. To keep things simple, the family runs their business from their lovely home in SE Portland. And, because they’re so kind, I was invited over to document the shipping process, Luckily Bob the Builder (aka their child, Arrow) was there to help out. By creating processes that allow the entire family to participate, these wonderful folks are proving that small business doesn’t have to be as tough as you think.
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