You’ve Only Got One Shot

Posted on March 11th 2014.


Two weeks ago our friends and restauranteurs in Sacramento opened the doors to the second appendage of their sausage and meat empire, Block Butcher Bar. Band had a hand in dialing their vision into the “darker, sexier version of Lowbrau,” and did our best to put a fresh spin on the concept located adjacent to the now thriving, Lowbrau Bierhalle. We developed the new style, logos and name before flying down to put the finishing touches on the place.

We are always thrilled to have the opportunity to get off our computers and get our hands dirty. In just a few short days we brainstormed, painted the windows, and made original artworks to be featured inside of Block. Josh found some time to snap some pics of our process in between all of the furious hustle and bustle. We couldn’t be more thrilled with how it all turned out and feel honored to be able to add such a strong piece to our portfolio.  
Band_Stay_Fuzzy_Painting-2 Band_Stay_Fuzzy_Painting-8 Band_Stay_Fuzzy_Painting-6 Band_Stay_Fuzzy_Painting-5 Band_Stay_Fuzzy_Painting-4 Band_Stay_Fuzzy_Painting-3Band_Stay_Fuzzy_Painting-7 Band_Stay_Fuzzy_Painting-9



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