We’re On A Race To Nowhere

Posted on March 27th 2013.


At this year’s TEDzConcordiaUPortland event, in addition to our design work, we had the unique opportunity to run what the event coordinators call an Action Break. Essentially, eight straight hours of listening can grow a bit tiresome, so it’s good to give the attendees a chance to stretch and focus elsewhere.
We took the action idea up a notch. Instead of painting or word-association games, Band took a fitness-oriented approach and payed homage to my love for bicycles. We set up three stationary bikes in the college courtyard, and challenged participants to see who could pedal the hardest and fastest in a minute to win.
1b 2 2b 3 4 4a

At the end of the day, however, only one could be victorious. His name was Cameron; a student. He pedaled so hard that the rest of us looked like kids on tricycles, and for his efforts he recieved a sweet Velocity tee.

Photos courtesy of Phillip Stewart.


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