The Future is a Hairy 90’s Rapper

Posted on August 24th 2013.


This week is Forest For The Trees Week, and the city is buzzing with art. Amongst the painters, events, city people and permits, Zach managed to find himself atop a roof in Portland, painting a collaborative mural with the talented Madsteez and Gage Hamilton. This particular piece is at NE Sandy and 20th, if you’re inclined to check it out.
The mural was getting close to done, so I rode my bike over to check out their progress and snap some photos. Between the three of them, a sea of red is punctuated with Gage’s trademark buffalo curls, some classic Yarrington typography, and a giant purple Ice Cube. We shared a few Gigantic beers and had a few laughs in the sun.

Also be sure to check out the really rad timelapse of the mural!
This rad video is courtesy of Chris Oshiro.

IMG_0296 IMG_0303



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