Stay Fuzzy

Posted on January 2nd 2014.


Here we find ourselves at the end of another year, and looking back it seems like a blur. 2013 marked the year of many things: the marriage equality debate was turned over to the states, twerking went mainstream, Nelson Mandela passed away, and we have made it through our first complete year as an operable company. After working together for almost two, we feel like we are starting to figure stuff out.
Things are less scary. We have become more confident in trusting our instincts. We take every day as an opportunity to explore and grow. In doing so, we’ve learned how to cope with each others’ flaws (we’re only human), maximize each others’ strengths and find our own voice. In an age of instant gratification, “likes,” and the world at fingers’ access, we choose to do things the hard way. We believe that all great work begins with putting pen to paper,
and that no matter how technology transforms our world, the deep-rooted need for human connection begins with the simplicity of human touch. Because people are fuzzy. They are more complicated than a 72 x 72 pixel avatar or a well-written bio section. They are strange, unpredictable, smart, and talented.
In the past year we have had the opportunity to work for some pretty great people, all of which we now consider good friends. We can’t help but feel personally invested in their struggles and successes. Before we begin another year, we just wanted to take a moment of reflection to say thank you, gracias, danke and merci. We couldn’t have made it this far without the trust of the great people we’ve worked with and gotten to know. Design can be a powerful tool, but is nothing when not in service of greater ideas.
So, thank you and stay fuzzy.

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