XOXO is an arts and technology conference that has been held twice in Portland. Described as “celebrating creativity and innovation in forms considered alternative or disruptive to the prevailing social or professional context,” it’s essentially a bunch of talks. In 2012, the ever-talented Factory North was hired to design their branding. ADX, the location of our first studio, was contracted to build signage for the event, and they partnered with us to design it and help fabricate it.
With the help of Greg Simons, the signage that we built looked great as it lit up the Yale Union, the event’s SE venue. By utilizing the facilities at ADX and by partnering with a number of cool friends (read more about it here), we were able to deliver the festival directors a set of incredible props, wayfinding materials and signage that really made the event pop. We even had to climb a few ladders in the wind. We like to think we’re better for it.

Want to know more about XOXO? Check out this video recap.

Here’s some photos from Flickr of the event.

Band_XOXO_Flickr1 Band_XOXO_Flickr2 Band_XOXO_Flickr3 Band_XOXO_Flickr4 Band_XOXO_Flickr5 Band_XOXO_Flickr6 Band_XOXO_Flickr7 Band_XOXO_Flickr8 Band_XOXO_Flickr9 Band_XOXO_Flickr9a Band_XOXO_Flickr10 Band_XOXO_Flickr11 Band_XOXO_Flickr12 Band_XOXO_Flickr13