Maak Lab is an exploration and experimentation of the habits. The Portland-based company was once dedicated to producing handcrafted bars of soap, but has since grown to include a number of personal care products. Today, Maak offers salves, soaps, various home goods, and candles that feature hand-spun sink cups that were made by the fine people at Mazama Wares. Available across Portland as well as in various boutiques and small shops worldwide, Maak is an ever-growing goods producer.
Maak’s founders, Taylor and Nori, call the Beam & Anchor space in Northeast Portland their home for production and retail. When they reached out to Band through some mutual friends about updating the company’s visual identity and packaging solutions for their new product line, we were excited to work with such good people as well as a growing local business. By working together with Taylor and Nori, we were able to help deliver a smart, simple and scientific aesthetic that redefines Maak to its customers.

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While we were shooting all of this stuff, Taylor brewed us a cup of coffee in this cool coffee siphon that we were envious of. It uses an open flame and a beaker of water to create a vacuum that brews a strong cup. It’s pretty cool, so we took some photos of it as well; check those out here. We also think you can buy one at Clive Coffee (shameless PMC plug).


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