Painting Is Our Only Vice

Posted on February 19th 2014.


In the midst of some ridiculous weather happening in our neck of the woods, our friends in Sacramento (the team behind the Lowbrau project) brought us down to sunny northern California to add some Band-original hand touches to their newest bar concept: Block Butcher Bar. We’ll have more information about Block in our portfolio of work soon, but until then, you can check out some of the restaurant’s progress here in our story collection.
The bar’s founders are talented, artistic folks themselves, and wanted a collection of custom artwork for their space. Last month, we showed you some process photos of our friend Harrison, with whom we worked together to deliver a large-scale piece. To compliment Harry’s mega-cool painting, we did some smaller work of our own. Inspired by old butcher shop windows and the tempting nature of meat and whiskey, we cranked out our contribution in under 24 hours.
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