Moving On Down

Posted on October 15th 2013.


After about a year in our dusty, dingy, cramped, dirty, loud and poorly-lit first studio space that we painstakingly built above the ADX kitchen, we’ve decided it’s time to move on. No, not from ADX. Trust us, we still love ADX, we’re just not so sure that our computers love being full of sawdust.
That said, we’ve just completed our move into our brand new studio space in the 425 Building, adjacent to ADX. Our new space is pretty much everything our old space wasn’t: tidy, bright, spacious, clean, quiet and beautifully lit. We couldn’t be more happy, so here’s some photos.
Bandspace_3 Bandspace_4 Bandspace_5 Bandspace_6 Bandspace_7 Bandspace_8 Bandspace_9 Bandspace_10 Bandspace_11 Bandspace_14



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