Keep Tahoe Great

Posted on April 1st 2014.


This last week we were fortunate to be given the opportunity to head down to Lake Tahoe for a new project that we’re very excited to begin work on as the year progresses.
We’ll have more details about the actual work in the coming months, but for now, we wanted to share these photos and say thanks to our new friends down south. Cheers!

Band_Tahoe-Trip-2 Band_Tahoe-Trip-3 Band_Tahoe-Trip-4 Band_Tahoe-Trip-5 Band_Tahoe-Trip-6 Band_Tahoe-Trip-7 Band_Tahoe-Trip-8 Band_Tahoe-Trip-9

Band_Tahoe-Trip-11 Band_Tahoe-Trip-12 Band_Tahoe-Trip-13 Band_Tahoe-Trip-14 Band_Tahoe-Trip-15 Band_Tahoe-Trip-16 Band_Tahoe-Trip-18




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