Hovering Around

Posted on December 18th 2014.


For the past five years, Nial McGaughey and a small team of musicians and makers have been building heavy duty music equipment in his combined live/work space in SE Portland. By utilizing recycled and salvaged materials and new precision components, the team at Hovercraft Amps produce some of the coolest and highest quality amplifiers and sound equipment you’ve ever seen.
This past month, I had the chance to go and visit their production space and check out how their small business gets work done. While I was there, I snapped a few shots of amps and tools and other rad stuff that we featured on Portland Made. If you enjoy these photos, be sure to go stop by PMC and check out more stories, videos and photos about local makers and manufacturers making things happen.

Hovercraft_PMC_2 Hovercraft_PMC_3 Hovercraft_PMC_4 Hovercraft_PMC_6 Hovercraft_PMC_7 Hovercraft_PMC_8 Hovercraft_PMC_9 Hovercraft_PMC_10 Hovercraft_PMC_11 Hovercraft_PMC_12 Hovercraft_PMC_13 Hovercraft_PMC_14 Hovercraft_PMC_15 Hovercraft_PMC_16 Hovercraft_PMC_17 Hovercraft_PMC_18 Hovercraft_PMC_19 Hovercraft_PMC_20




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