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Posted on October 29th 2014.


For the second year in a row, we were fortunate enough to play a pivotal role in Forest for the Trees, a not-for-profit mural project aiming to beautify the city of Portland and bring artists together, from both here and around the world. The very first year Band helped birth the Forest for the Trees identity and this year we helped it grow with the help of an incredible team. If you are not already familiar with this tremendous project, find out more about it here, and here.

Both years I was given the opportunity to contribute as an artist. As an artist, I feel that one of the greatest privileges is a stage to create dialogue about your work. Since painting this wall, I’ve gotten lots of feedback, both positive and negative, on what the phrase means to different people. While I won’t connect the dots for you, I will say this piece is not about Lauren Hill or Donny Hathaway.

Everyone I’ve ever met has already met everyone else I’ve ever met. One way or another we’re all separated from one another by just a few handshakes and high fives. Every single day I feel like the world is shrinking, slowly but surely, beneath my feet. I also believe that our lives are much smaller than we care to admit. Its easy to get caught up in day to day hangups. It’s only human. But I think it’s important to remember that even while our everyday struggles can seem daunting, they aren’t nearly worth the energy of feeling frustrated over. My goal for this piece was to help cope with that. Hopefully you feel small standing under it. Hopefully it makes you feel cosmic. Because while things may matter in some way or another, we are all stuck on this tiny little rock floating around a giant flaming star. Which I find comfort in, and hopefully you do too.

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All photos by Anthony Taylor



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