Even More Gold

Posted on July 31st 2014.


This month, we had the opportunity to head down to California to add some fun touches to our newest bar project, Goldfield. Located in the heart of Sacramento’s downtown, Goldfield is opening soon and will serve as a brand new watering hole for all y’all urban cowboys out there.
During our time in the Golden State, we took it upon ourselves to paint a bunch of horseshoes on some barstools, a few pieces of custom typography on some walls, and a massive mural that was inspired by (ok, stolen from) the late, great CM Russell in the saloon’s live music room.

Band_Goldfield_Paint-1 Band_Goldfield_Paint-2 Band_Goldfield_Paint-3 Band_Goldfield_Paint-4 Band_Goldfield_Paint-6 Band_Goldfield_Paint-7 Band_Goldfield_Paint-8 Band_Goldfield_Paint-9 Band_Goldfield_Paint-10 Band_Goldfield_Paint-11 Band_Goldfield_Paint-12 Band_Goldfield_Paint-13 Band_Goldfield_Paint-14



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