Carving Logos In Trees

Posted on April 1st 2013.


Sometimes sitting around in Illustrator just isn’t the best way to get something done, and here at Band, we’ve never been huge fans of photoshop trickery. So in order to make sure that the primary image of our new Forest For The Trees branding looks great, we took to the woods with knives to carve some logos on trees.
Forest Park in SW Portland is a beautiful place to wander and hike, so along with FFTT coordinator Gage Hamilton, our pal Taylor Ahlmark behind the camera and visiting Sacramentan Whitney Johnson tagging along, we managed to produce an honest image for the upcoming event, which you can learn about here.
Band_Blog_Carving2 Band_Blog_Carving3 Band_Blog_Carving4 Band_Blog_Carving5 Band_Blog_Carving6 Band_Blog_Carving7 Band_Blog_Carving8


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