Art for Art’s Sake

Posted on August 16th 2012.


As part of our initial launch party, DesignPartyProgram, we created a series of art for a show in the gallery space of ADX. This was a nice excuse for us to get a chance to create some art for art’s sake, without the constraints of client work.
These first few pieces were created by Zach. By partnering with our friend Sheli, he was able to create some prints of a classic Ford Mustang, complete with Menzingers lyrics. He also had a chance to make some great type pieces.
tumblr_m72l13qcqp1ryg89lo3_1280tumblr_m72l13qcqp1ryg89lo1_1280 tumblr_m72l13qcqp1ryg89lo2_1280 I took the chance to not only crank out some type pieces, but also a few portraits of my lovely family.


tumblr_m72hw7G3I01ryg89lo2_1280 tumblr_m72hw7G3I01ryg89lo3_1280 tumblr_m72hw7G3I01ryg89lo5_1280



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